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Two things:

  1. Thair has always been a minor annoyance where a notification will display and if I take know action (not touching keyboard or mouse) the next time it senses I'm activel workin it will display the notification again yet I do not have "repeat notification" checked
  2. Also just noticed the "Move into Action Center" checkbox (unchecked and intrigued by this but couldn't anything describing what that is, etc?

Thanks much


  • 1. I could take this as a suggestion to opt out of thid feature.

    2. This is useful for those who set notifications to never hide.

  • thanks for the quick reply but don't follow your answer for 1...isn't this a bug and should only occur if I have repeat notification checked?

  • No, this has been a feature from the very onset, if you miss a notification while your computer is idleing than upon returning it will retoast the notification as a reminder that you missed it.

  • ah, ya that should be configurable

    then what is  repeat notification checked?..is is interval based as opposed to a "miss/idle"

  • The repeat will sound a notification every minute as long as you have unread emails.

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