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Error calendar

Hello, it gives me this error when I want to delete an event from the calendar, I do a search for the event and when I find it I click on the event to delete it and there the error appears

RangeError: Invalid time value at DateTimeFormat.formatRange () at generateTimeDurationStr (chrome-extension://hkhggnncdpfibdhinjiegagmopldibha/js/checkerPlusForCalendar.js:2109:33) at showDetailsBubble (chrome-extension://hkhggnncdpfibdhinjiegagmopldibha/js/popup.js:2444:41) 


  • edited June 21
    1. What is the duration of that particular event?
    2. How did you create that event?
    3. Does the issue happen for every event that you click on?

  • 1/ it has no duration, it is an event without date, it is created by the zapier app automatically to my google calendar

    2/created by the zapier app automatically to my google calendar

    3/no, only in red events.

    I have a membership website which zapier automatically generates a recurring event month by month every time a user registers and pays on my website, those work well and do not give this error, but "some" unique red events if they fail

  • ok great feedback, the next update will fix this error so you can see the event details. thanks for the posting here.

  • thanks to you, this extension is amazing!

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