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How to exit the plugin when printscreen is downloaded for example?

I love the printscreen plugin. However, I don't know or see a way to get out of the plugin to get the screenspace back instead of the plugin showing all the time. i wisg there was a simple X button to get out. or is tehre another way to get out of the plugin that I am missing? Even when I refresh the screen the plugin will stay open. Thanks for support. Johan Btw: I LOVE all your plugins! Awesome!


  • I have put an example printscreen. You can see the printscreen strip with Download button etc. When I click the left arrow at the left I will get the other strip with Draw possibilities etc. So i can only switch between these two strips, but I would liek to be able also to get rid of the strip when done. I don't see how. Maybe I am missing something? When I click the plugin icon again I get the menu of the plugin, but the strip stays on the screen. So how to get rid of the strip when done? Thx.

  • Interesting so the window is just a tab and you would normally close it with the X beside the tab, however it seems you only have 1 tab open which is the extension's editor, so to close it you would either have to close your browser or simply navigate to another webpage :)

    This is what it looks like when you have multiple tabs with the x button.

  • OK. Thanks for clarification. I didn't notice that the plugin opened another tab. I guess it's logical to just close that tab then when done. Great! Thanks again! ;-)

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