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Add other email account not run


I use the french interface + installed the last version.

I log in with my main gmail address on my PC and I want to add another gmail address; go to "comptes/etiquettes" I receive an authentication message on my phone (Android), I select the number as indicate in the PC message and the email is not added.

Thank you for your help.


  • Try reinstalling the extension and send me a screenshot of the error.

  • I reinstalled the extension; I don't have a screen error, just that the email address is not added.

    I made the draft, see attachment.

  • Thanks for the screenshots, what happens in the extension after you go through access windows, is there a spinner that keeps turning does it return to the extension options?

  • is there a spinner that keeps turning -----> yes, as long as the code window on the pc (number 5 in the screenshots) is open, when I close it the spinning top stops.

    The window on the PC (number 5) doesn't close it is still active, after 15 or 20 seconds I have a message in this window (number 5) to send back a code.

    return to the extension options?-----> no if the window (number 5) is still active.

  • So that's an interesting security setup, do you know how you might activated that?

    Have you tried the "autres methodes de validation" on the bottom of screen #5

    Do you have other email accounts, do they work?

  • Hello,

    So it's an interesting safety device, do you know how you could activate it? ----> No

    Do you have other e-mail accounts, do they work? ------> Yes, I've added other emails and it's good, for this address "infobouygues18@gmail.com" I managed to add it but I had to go through the process of recovering the google account because I had done too many tests with it. I had to add this address to my phone to generate the security code.

    How many email addresses can I add with Checker Plus?

  • Actually the limitation is set by Google itself because you actually have to sign in via your browser, so it's 10.

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