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Notification doesn't Pop to desktop; only to top of browser

Running Windows 10 home V1909, Checker Plus for G. Calendar 27.0.3, Firefox 77.0

Was expecting notifications to pop to top of desktop and stay there until dismissed.

Upon notification, Calendar tab in FF becomes active and notice pops to top of that tab. But FF doesn't pop to top of application on desktop - buried by active application.

Notification that doesn't pop to top is pretty useless.


  • Hmm are you sure your seeing the CheckerPlus notification reminder window? It should be an independent window, canyou send me a screenshot.

  • Jason,

    Explanation of screenshots

    1-YesterdayNotices – Just FYI - Notices from C+ from yesterday not yet dismissed

    2-ThunderbirdPopUpNotice – Just FYI - Pops up for new emails, dismissible, fades away after 5 seconds.

    4-C+Settings – Settings for Checker Plus for Google Calendar

    5-C+Calendar – C+ Showing notice set for 10:30 with 10 minute advance time. Reminder is 1 hour away.

    6-WordThunderbirdOnTop – For test I put a Word window and a Thunderbird window on top of the Firefox window. Time (lower right) is 10:33. No pop up notice!

    7-UncoverFirefox – Bring Firefox to top and notice is visible on top of G Cal tab.

    8-NotGCalTab – But pop up not visible when another tab is active in Firefox

    9-TimePassed – Bring up Checked Plus calendar, observe time has passed

    10-C+Enabled – Firefox extensions showing C+ enabled

    11-WindowsCalendarNotice – Windows 10 calendar pops up notices in lower right corner of screen; must act to get rid of it.

    12-WindowsCalendarSettings – Settings for Windows Calendar program

    I have tried the relevant suggestions I found in the forum. I removed and re-installed C+. I checked all the program revs. I double-checked all the settings referred to. Running Windows 10 home V1909, Checker Plus for G. Calendar 27.0.3, Firefox 77.0

    AM I right in my interpretation that Checker Plus notices should pop to top of screen desktop?

    Thanks for your help.

  • Thanks for all the screenshots and narrative, essentially at least on Chrome the popup window will appear on top, unless you are busy typing away somewhere at the same time, then the window will only appear in the tray and blink.

    You may want to try the option: Desktop notification: rich notification instead, that should be similar to the windows notification.

  • Jason,

    Thanks for your help.

    I'm testing Chrome now. BTW, Chrome has the "Rich Notification" option; on Firefox that option is grayed out.

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