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Constant crashes of Checker Plus for GCal.

For a few months now Checker+ for Gcal has been crashing daily. I've tried reinstalling the extension, reinstalling chrome itself, resetting settings, changing the account it's synced too.....the issue persists. At least once a day I'll get the notice that it's crashed, reload it and have it crash again hours later. I don't have issues with any other the other extensions (mainly C+ for gmail).

In trying to diagnosed the issue I turned on collect errors in chrome and I noticed 1 error popping up continuously:

error with menu id: {"date":"2020-06-12T02:00:00.000Z"} Cannot create item with duplicate id {"date":"2020-06-12T02:00:00.000Z"}

There's numerous variations of the above error with slightly different date/time(s).

Currently running Version 83.0.4103.97 (Official Build) (64-bit) on Windows 10 Pro 1909 b18363.900


  • For browser crashes I usually refer people to this https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Chrome_issues

    My only other additional guess is do you have a large amount of events or calendars or recurring events?

  • It's busy but not 10 events a day busy and only a handful of recurring events, maybe 2-3 monthly ones. I've already reset flags, profile and reinstalled as well as removed some calendars.

    If there's any other information I can provide I will but otherwise I just have to remove it since it doesn't seem to like my setup in some way.

  • Is there any pattern to when it crashes, any particular action taken before?

    Have you tried a new test chrome profile with no other extensions except for the calendar.

  • Just randomly crashes just while the browser is open w/o any apparent action. I've tried multiple profiles and it happens on all of them the same after a few hours of running.

  • Another test, if you can, is to see if the issue happens from a different machine and this would identify if the issue is related to the account or the machine.

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