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Using Calendar or Contacts to take meeting notes

I have an issue I am hoping one of the extensions or a new feature can help fix/work around.

I used to take meeting notes in my contacts app so they were associated with the person, but Google Contacts has a 128kb field limit.

Then I realized a solution was to set a meeting in Google Calender with that person, and take notes there in the meeting notes. That way the I would never reach the limit since each meeting had different notes, have documentation of when the meeting happened, and in contacts would have a list of all meeting in order so could easily find it in the future. Perfect!

Except they changed Calendar so that it always sends out a meeting reminder to non gmail accounts, even if you decline sending an invite. That consistently confuses people as they are getting an invite even if we are doing an non-planned quick chat on the phone.

Is there a way to block the invite emails from going out? Looking it up LOTS of people are complaining to google about the issue.




  • So my extension extends Google Calendar's functionality, so unfortunately if there's a core issue as this one, my extension won't be able to mitigate it. Exceptionally I can modify my calendar interface in the popup as I want because I am pulling the core information and then reformatting it.

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