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Snooze keeps changing time to midnight

Hi.....When I snooze an alarm it changes the time of the alarm to midnight of the day chosen, I am not sure but it may only be if several days are chosen over several hours. It is also not visibly possible to change the date of the snoozed alarm to counter this effect.


  • edited June 2020

    So there are different sets of logic, but yes one method does apply the midnight to snooze date. Which method are you using to snooze the event? Clicking a preset day(s) or using the ... to choose a specific day, or other way?

    and for reference, have you enable this option?

  • No this setting is not checked and as far as I can tell it is when I use the x amount of days setting as there is an option to change the time when you select 3 dots to go over a week. I might not have all details I have noticed here but there has been some complications with time zone change error reports at the bottom of the page which stopped some repeats, or maybe caused other problems but seems to have gone away. Another problem is that if you select the 3 dots option to change the snooze time but then cancel this you cannot then edit the alert. Here is an attached error code i just received on trying that, when i select the gray out snooze repeat I receive it..I have also been required to sign in again a lot lately more than likely due to windows 10 updates which obviously could be

    a conflict.

  • Can you send me the details on this "change the snooze time but then cancel" issue, I don't see the attached code in this thread. You can also try sending me a screenshot for context as well, thanks for the feedback.

  • ok great, thanks for image, and which precise steps do you take to get this error?

  • it is after i have snoozed an alert and then go into checker plus from clicking extension checker plus favicon in google chrome opened tab on top right and then click a faded version of the alert snoozed. it does not open up options for me it simply shows the eror code at the bottom of the page.

  • ah ok I just replicated it thank you, I'll look for a solution thank you, I see that you are clicking the details of a snoozed event in the popup calendar window.

  • exactly the popup window but it did happen around the same time as snooze alerts started changing time but not

  • edited June 2020

    for changing time issue, are you saying that when you snoozed an event for several days it would keep the original time? do you recall if this was the behaviour until very recently?

  • none of this was very recent and I thought it was because i changed between using single day snoozes to weekly. what happened was that my snoozed event was changed to midnight instead of retaining the original time

    where as the original time is what I need it to retain

  • ok great details thank you, it seems the issues are indeed related, I will be pushing a fix for this very soon, i'm wondering if the issue arises when using the standard snooze x days buttons or just when using the ... to choose another date.

  • thanks yes the conflict seems to have arisen within these settings

  • After further investigation it seems that a while back I used to automatically change the snooze reminder times to 8am on the day you snoozed to, however that created issues and I opted to change the time to midnight.

    However, I will add this suggestion to the queue along with this user's https://jasonsavard.com/forum/discussion/5527/snooze-event-changes-time-to-midnight-when-moving-to-next-day-week

    This will require much more testing so, my immediate concern is to instead fix the 2nd more pressing issue with that invalid time error message, v27.1.2 already contains this fix - you can reinstall to force it or wait for the automatic update.

  • That's great thanks and in the mean time I can use the 3 dots option to select my own date and time.

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