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Notifications not coming through

I have several email accounts and one of them does not get detected in terms of real time notifications. Is there a limit or a bug?




  • Have you tried restarting the browser sometimes that reawakens the real time, however if it's working for the others it's unusual and it's possible that that particular account does not support push notifications.

    We can investigate the logs for more details.

  • yes the logs sound great.

    How do you do this?

  • Next time you try adding the account you can view the logs to see if there any gcm errors (push notifications)


  • Thanks for the logs, can you try removing (uncheck it from the accounts options/tab) and re-adding that particular account.

  • Done. I will monitor.

  • Tested and no result. Same deal. No notifications.

  • Do the new emails appear in extension popup window? Ie. Is it just a notification issue?

  • No to Both. I have to manually check the account.

  • edited June 2020

    And if you use the default 30s polling interval, does it work?

  • I will test

  • After testing, seems to work a lot better if I turn off real time but only still seems to work intermittently meaning I will get a notification for maybe one email and not the others and won't get any new notifications until I clear out the current one.

  • What do you mean by "clear out the current one" have you changed the options to never disappear for notifications?

  • Sorry mean when I open or read them

  • When the notification fails to show up, does the extension mail button still show the new unread email? (ie. is it only the notification the issue)

  • No, they are one in the same. If I click into the account then I have about 5 or 6 unread messages there.

  • ok so are you able to determine the pattern that brings about the issue, assuming every 30 seconds you send yourself an email, how many times does it fail to notify you?

  • I will test and report back.

  • I have tried to do it and every single time I sent something to myself it was fine as a notification but then when clicking into the account the others that came through not from me weren't shown as notifications.

    this is bizarre.

  • Another testing trick if you have a 2nd account you can try emailing yourself between 2 of your accounts and see if you can replicate the issue.

  • same deal there. weird.

  • Not sure what to do next

  • When you meant "same deal there" before did you mean the issue did not happen?

  • I meant nothing changed. Same bug on my end.

  • I should have asked but labels are you monitoring in the accounts/labels.

    It might be a question of inbox vs primary vs social etc.

  • That account, yes, I changed it to only monitor primary and not the complete inbox.

    would that matter?

  • For testing let's just monitor the inbox and see if it's related to that.

  • That works great, I get notified properly.

    Could this have been because my Promotions tab had something like 5000 unread emails?

  • No, it's more likely connected to labels you monitored and some exceptions like this https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Hiding_Gmail_tabs

  • What about could this be because I am signed in to other gmail accounts but not on the app?

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