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does not show latest email in conversation


I got an email , I sent a response, I got an answer , in gmail web inbox I see the thread (as one message)

in the ext client I see the subject and the first line from the last email (last response I got) but if I click on the

email preview line I see only the first email I got, not the latest

very strange any idea ? (I kept the email so can send privately pictures)



  • Hmm, if you can send me a screenshot next time this happens that will help me also, if it's a regular occurrence.

  • I can send it now, it need to be secured - where do I send it to ?

  • Use the email in the About .. Contact of the website top right

  • ok thanks for the images, i see the discrepancy,

    does this happen often and with different email threads (from other people)

  • first time I saw it, I can let you know if I see it again

  • btw i kept that email, if you want to send me a debug version i can send logs back

  • yes thanks, debugging can be arduous, so i'm looking to repeat the issue and then i can reproduce it here, as well as confirm it wasn't a fluke.

  • i can reproduce it on my computer, if you send me a version with debug info in chrome console for example i can send it back

    not sure how can you reproduce yourself

  • can you reproduce it by creating a new conversation between 2 emails accounts?

  • i can try, other emails I have did not show the same problem

  • want to send me an email with few sentences and i will replay and than you will and we will see...?

  • There are many factors or local setting options such as example auto-detect vs manual add that might only be replicating the issue on your end, that's why I wanted to make sure you can reproduce then I would take note of all your configuration, note that even your Gmail settings or the emails themselves can play a role.

  • how do you want to proceed ?

  • Essentially if you can reproduce the issue with a new conversation between two of your email accounts that would help me.

  • will try

  • I have another email, its an older email, I went and made in unread, so i can see it in your widget, and it has the exact same problem, can send pictures if you want

  • edited May 30
  • Thanks for the images.

    Have you disable conversation view?

    Refer to this https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Conversation_View_issue

  • yes its off (you told me to turn it off in my previous thread, when I had other not related issues)

    and yes I added emails manually

  • So the issue probably related to this conversation view.

    Which thread are you referring to that I said to disable conversation view?

  • don't remember i had few issue, an email that was deleted and still appear appear, had fav,star markers that does no appear, emails that does not appear in the list, see emails i sent on the list and more.. one of them...

  • So as the FAQ states turning it off may create issues such as the one you reported here. I always recommend turning it on, you may have misinterpreted my instructions in the past.

  • it worked, I had to enable conv view in gmail, and click the conversation icon on your configuration so it it dominant (not grayed out) it is not clear form the UI or from your instruction if it need to be grayed our or not, but when it was grayed out it did not fixed the problem even after conv view was off in gmail.

    can you fix the ui (add a tooltip that say if its on or off in your ui) ?

    here is the thread that made me think its ok to turn it off :


  • It still happening, new emails show the same behavior, I Can send pic if you need.

  • Is your conversation view still on?

  • on Gmail? yes

  • ok looks good so my question did the issue just recently occur again, does it happen with every conversation?

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