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Show Contacts photos does not work

When I click the Show contact photos for my accounts, I get the Google "allow" screen, select allow but I still do not see photos and the "Show contact photos" is still there as an option. I have removed the extension and reinstalled to no avail.


  • Did you perform the task for each account you want to see photos for?

    Are you the missing photos in the popup window or the notification window?

    ps. I believe the "show contact photos" always remains visible - so ignore that.

  • Yes I did it for each account. I thought the show went away, maybe u can make it change to remove like u do for account photo. I'll have to check...seems most dont have pics i just need new emails that may have it.

  • So the contact photos are updated once a day - and only newest changes are fetched to reduce the load on resources.

    You can verify tomorrow if there are new contacts, but old ones should have their profile pic appear.

  • Actually ur email to me showed ur picture as expected. I think it's good and will let u know otherwise.

  • no, my photo is hardcoded in the extension when you receive emails from this forum :) - so it's not a valid test

  • ok ill wait

  • I'll give you a testing trick, just mark an email as unread in your Gmail, no waiting necessary, i do this very often :)

  • I LOVE IT Jason all these extensions but can you make a wifi connector extension?

  • Thanks Jason...I did unread one that had a pic and it shows up. Looks like I'm all good.

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