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  • Hi Jason, thank you. I use both events and tasks extensively.

  • Hi Jason, I noticed one more thing. The quick add syntax doesn't seem to work when I select "Tasks" in the drop down. E.g. "test task on Tuesday at 11am" works perfectly assigning the event on the calendar on Tuesday at 11AM, if I selected a calendar in the drop down. However, if I select "Tasks" in the drop down it creates a task as "test task on Tuesday at 11 am" on the same day. In other words it is not able to parse out day and time from the quick add description.

  • @Krishna R Please refer to due date time API limitation that you were warned about when you activated tasks in the extension: https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Google_Tasks#Limitations

  • Ah okay. Thank you for clarifying. Sorry, didn't mean to make it sound like a complaint. Just reporting in case if this could be added. But like you said, if it is an API limitation, nothing can be done until Google changes it.

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