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When I open browser in the AM, it takes up to 2 minutes for notification to show

I've reported this once; and did more checking. nothing seems to solve this problem. I've added no new extensions, (this is new behavior), but I disabled them anyway to see if a conflict, and it still takes this amount of time. I've reinstalled, etc.


  • Does it take 2 minutes for the extension to load? in other words for the button to stop display the "...".

    Or is it just the notifications that delayed by 2 minutes?

  • extensions delayed by two minutes, easily.

  • and this seems to be only in the AM when I open Pixelbook for the first time after having been asleep all nite. [x] Show Notifications on Startup is always checked. I've used this for years, this is new behaviour.

  • It seems it's probably related to delays in network or disk drive waking up.

    You can always enable the extension logs in the extension options .. Admin .. console logs.

    and see what loads when on startup.

  • I see this delay nowhere else; everything else is immediately responsive; connected to ethernet at this point as opposed to straight wifi.

  • So we can verify the logs and see exactly where the lag is.

  • OK i will do that. so tomorrow when it does it in the AM first thing, what would you like me to do?

  • So you can enable the option .. admin ... show console logs.

    Then in the morning try quickly open the background console and take note of what lines are appearing slowly. background console: https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Error_logs

  • OK i will try this. I noticed I opened up the laptop at 7:51.30----email notifier didn't pop up until 7:54.17. So almost three full minutes.

  • also; how do I change the email address these responses go to? I cannot seem to find. TY

  • There should be a configuration icon, but not sure if you can change your email address, you might have to sign into the forum with that email you prefer.

  • yeah, there's no EDIT PROFILE under the gear, so it doesn't seem like I can change it. I;ll try and get that log tomorrow AM

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