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Current event remaining time

Good day,

I would love to see the remaining time of the current ongoing calendar event.


  • Where would you like to see it? On the button?

  • @Jason it took me a year to answer your question :-D

    Yes, on the button.

  • Let me elaborate, I'd like to see the countdown for the currently ongoing event and the countdown till the next event next to it on the button.

  • @Jason Maybe this feature already exists and I don't know its name to enable it :D ?

  • Although there are a lot of options concerning the countdown, this is one is not one of them, so I have queued for investigation, thanks.

  • Thanks a lot!

    One of the simple use cases for this feature is that a lot of times during a meeting, I want to know how much time is left till the end of the meeting by easily glaring at the icon instead of looking at the clock + the meeting end time and do the calculation myself.

  • This! (I replied to another thread with this same topic)

    This would be a great feature. A nice big number of the number of minutes remaining for the current event. Thank you! -Carlos

  • Good new I've added an option for this in v28.2

  • Thank you @Jason :heart:

  • @Jason 👏👏👏 Thank you for this!

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