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When I try to Record Screen I get this TypeError

Unable to successfully record screen (i haven't ever been able to)


  • I tried uninstalling and i get the same issue :(

  • Are you initiating this from the button menu? Or the right click ?

  • From the right click.

    I just tried the button menu and I understand the issue now, you have to initially enable mic from this menu and then the context menu now works.

    Thank you!

  • Loving the screen-sharing capabilities but still can't figure out how to Enable the Mic for when I record my screen.

  • @Laura E. Becker

    Are you clicking the mic button on the right and accepted any prompts that appeared?

  • That's the issue I believe. There are no prompts related to the mic after I click it; the only screen that shows up next is the "which screen do you want to share?" one.

  • Ok and when you play back the video is there a mic or muted mic at the bottom right...

  • @Laura E. Becker forgot to mention you, read previous message.

  • @Jason Muted Mic! Can't be changed.

  • @Laura E. Becker

    Ok so that's a sign the mic was not given permission, do you know if the mic works? with skype, zoom etc?

    Can you try reinstalling the extension.

  • Yes, it does work with Zoom, Google Hangouts, etc. but perhaps do I need to set it up in the System Preferences somewhere? I assumed this would prompt me to go there but nothing.

  • edited June 18

    @Laura E. Becker let's give the reinstall of the extension a try, as it should prompt you for the mic confirmation when attempting to use the mic the 1st time with the extension.

  • ok - sounds good, thanks! I'll let you know.

  • Alright - that seemed to do the trick. Thanks Jason! Appreciate it and appreciate the extension.

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