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Change behaviour for gmail.com links

If you try to perform an action that isn't supported by the extension gmail.com gets opened and the action is executed. My problem is that if a gmail tab is already opened it switches to that tab and redirects it. It's kind of irritating, because I will often have something opened that I wanted to temporarily save, or that I'm even working on at that moment. Could you disable this check and just open any links to gmail.com from the extension in a new tab? You could also make this an option if you have conflicting feedback about this.


  • edited May 16

    Try typing "new tab" in the search options and you'll find many settings you can change to do exactly that. As well you can hold down Ctrl when clicking accounts in the popup window to open a new tab on demand.

  • It amazes me how fast you're able to reply! :)

    Although, I'm afraid you misunderstood. I'll give an example: If you try to search something (the magnifying glass just above all the emails) and press enter, gmail.com is opened. I understand that it's quite a task to implement a search function into the extension, so it's okay to open gmail.com here. The problem is that if I press enter after typing my query an already opened gmail tab is switched to and gets redirected to that search query, instead of opening a new tab. I'm not talking about notifications or anything.

  • ah you may have picked the one operation i have not considered opening a new tab for - the search that is.

    I can try adding this for a future update, ie. if you hold Ctrl + Enter then it can open a new tab.

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