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Clicking delete or snooze on a notification closes my browser and all Chrome tabs

Just contributed and tested out a calendar notification. It worked, however clicking on any of the three buttons on the popup tab to snooze delete or whatever the green checkmark one said will kill every Chrome window I have open and close everything out. Was not expecting this and lost some work I had open in windows that I'd been working on for an hour. Please advise.


  • This sounds like a Chrome issue, have you been able to replicate this again?

    You may have to refer to this https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Chrome_issues

  • Hi Jason, yes this is reproducible on two separate computers I tested on. I don't believe I can test in incognito. Any ideas?

  • Do you believe your browser is crashing or closing normally, in other words when it starts again does ask to restore. Do you have other extensions installed?

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