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Unable to record screen on Mac OS

Hi Jason,

Whenever I start a recording, the bar at the bottom to stop the screen sharing will disappear after a few seconds, leaving me no option to stop the recording.

What can I do?



  • Try reinstalling the extension.

  • I did that already with no luck.

  • I tried Google Meet screensharing and there the bar with the blue stop sharing button does not disappear.

  • Let me know which extension version you are running and i'll investigate, might be a Mac related issue.

  • Thank you! I am using the latest one 10.0.2

    Let me know how else I can help to help you fix it!

  • I just tested it on a Mac without a problem, can you give me more details,

    how many seconds until the issue happens?

    are you recording video and audio?

    do you move the mouse or just idling when recording?

  • ok great videos, so i noticed it took ~15 seconds,

    i also noticed you started the recording by right clicking the icon,

    does the issue also happen when using the extension popup window and then record video menu?

  • Strangely, I click on the icon with normal click and nothing happens!

    Probably because the video is somehow still running in the background and hasn't finished?

  • Might have to disable/renable extension or have you tried restarting the browser.

    then try the menu again.

  • Disabled, renenabled.

    Restarted Chrome.

    The issue keeps happening. :(

  • and you tested with the normal left click and via the popup menu?

    ... if so, i'll do more tests with the mac and see what I can find.

  • Yes, I tested both!

  • I tested it again, and it still works, I'm also not getting any other reports about this. I'm wondering if it's a storage issue.

    Can you let me know if there any error logs after the recording stops ...


  • OK, will try to give you the error logs. Thanks for all your efforts!

  • Guess what, it's working if I keep the devtools window open!

  • good information, that proves the issue is related to the automatic unloading of the extension after ~5 seconds, however there is code to keep it alive and i'm not sure why it's not working on your instance.

  • Yeah, strange...I tried several other screencast tools like Screencastify and I don't have any issues with them.

  • So the unload of the extension is an opt-in by the developer - which I have enable on all my extensions to save resources - it's actually really cool, because when they are not used for ~5 seconds they are complete unloaded from memory. Note that will be the enforced for all extensions in the near future.

  • Ok i discovered the issue, it's related to a recent update, I have found a fix and will be pushing in the next days in v10.0.3

  • Oh, this is great. Thanks so much Jason!

  • Can confirm the new version is working. Thanks Jason. :)

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