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Clarification of mail notification pop-up statement: "Has access to this site'

  1. Who or What has "access to this site"?
  2. Does "this site" refer the entire contents of my Gmail account? If not, what does the extension have access to?
  3. Thanks for any clarification. I am a long time fan of the app. I have contributed $ to the developer and will do so again, to support his good work...including the ongoing updates.


  • Great questions, so note if you use the chrome sign in process there is no need to grant access at all my site. However if you use the Google account sign in, then the oauth does require a server, however no data from your Gmail account is sent to my site. More info on security https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Granting_access

    Let me know if you have other questions.

  • This is a prime example of why I am now going to contribute another 5 bucks to Jason, et al. I had posted a question for discussion, and I received an answer in less than 10 minutes. Of course, I didn't see the response until I needed to go to the computer approximately 3 hours later. And that is when I saw that a lightning fast response was issued regarding my posted questions. Amazing. Rare indeed, to experience such "customer service" these days. Be well: Jason and your excellent business! ~g~

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