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Can I stay in the first theme instead jump to the second one

When I click the icon in the right-up corner of the extension bar in Chrome, it popup the first theme at the first time, some seconds past, it will jump to the second one, but I like the first one more, it is simple, and I do not how to keep it instead of jumping, what can I do now?

Whether can this page load and keep it not change anymore?

I do not like the following theme, and I do not wannt to jump to this.


  • What is it in particular that don't want in the 2nd image. Note that this isn't a theme, it's just the loading of the layout.

  • Ok I see what you mean, I will remove the hamburger menu from loading and only show it if the user has multiple accounts. Thanks for the suggestion, it will fixed in the next version.

  • Thank you for taking it to consideration.

    It is better that the menu bar that you signed will stay the orignal not jump when I click the icon or it will show nothing and it come out with the refresh mail at the same time.

    And the background color changes also, there are not themes that recover the orignal color, can you fix one of color of the popup page together.

    Checker Plus for Gmail is the best exension of Gmail in the world.

    Thank you again.

  • For the background color, what do you mean by the original color, do you mean the white? ...because i used gray in the latest update.

  • @Jason Yeah, it is grey, between the two screenshots, there is a difference, the RGB of menu bar of the first photo is (250, 250, 250) and the second one is (245, 245, 245), in my Chrome , when I click the icon there is a jump to change to deep grey.


  • ok i've raised the background code higher up in the execution, so hopefully in the next version you won't see the jump as much.

  • @Jason Aha, how nice you are, thank you so so so so so much.

  • @Jason I see the big update, it looks better, thank you again.

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