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Potentially foolish question about contributions

Love the Gmail checking extension but my possibly stupid question is to customize it one must contribute which is fine but is it a one time contribution then you can use and customize for life or do you have to continue a monthly contribution to unlock these features? I did not see it mentioned anywhere if it is a one time or subscription type payment and I would like to use the dark theme options so it'd be great to know.

Thank you!


  • One time is fine, monthly would give you access to the features from all extensions instantly.

  • Hello Jason,

    Thank you for the quick and clear response, much appreciated. Being disabled I don't spend money too often but later today I will likely kick a little something over since I really want that dark theme so it is easier on my one working eye...lol. Also it works rather well so of course a little bit of something beats a whole lot of nothing so forking out even a small amount can add up for you so it is the least I or anyone that really likes the extension can do.

    Thanks again Jason.

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