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Unread button does nothing

1.) I get the message on one of my messagebox of gmail

2.) Checker+ for gmail turns red with 1 digit on it

3.) I click on the plugin and wait, when the the email load

4.) When the mail loaded, i press "Mark as read"

5.) The plugin window closes and checker becomes gray

6.) For the next 5-6 seconds or when i click refresch Checker turns red again with the same message.

7.) When i mark it as read on gmail, checker not show it again.

My browser Cent Browser, and i use it ~2 month, there were no errors during this time period.

I have no idea how to localize and fix the error.


  • Try reinstalling the extension.

    But i don'tsupport that browser.

  • Sad to hear that, Cent is chronium.

    Reinstalling didn't lead to anything.

    But ok, im trying to install it on google chronium.

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