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Suggestion / Feedback on Calendar Notifications

Thanks for the great extensions! I am using both the Google Calendar and GMail extensions and have found them to be very helpful.

However, one thing has been bugging me a little bit in regard to the Calendar notifications. It will show, for example, "4 minutes left" when the meeting hasn't even started. It seems it would make more sense to have that say "Starts in 4 minutes" or something to that effect. Otherwise it's a little confusing and would appear to indicate that the meeting is ending in 4 minutes. Which is clearly not the case. I was just wondering if you have received any other feedback concerning that and if you might consider tweaking that a bit to help clarify that information.

Thanks for your consideration!

  • Nathan


  • Interesting, I see your point, this is the first feedback of its kind. I am willing to change it, however the space is precious in that window and so usually opt for short phrases.

    Can you send me phrases that are used in other calendars or software like Outlook etc, I like to be consistent with others so as to not cause any more confusion.

  • edited April 29

    I've been looking at the stock notification from Google Calendar and they simply show the start and end time of the meeting... for example: 10:15am - 10:45am

    I kind of like the more personable wording in your extension, however, I can understand the space constraints. Perhaps instead of showing 9am • 4 minutes left you could consider replacing both with something like Starts at 9:00 am as that would use fewer characters than what the existing text does.

    Otherwise, if you simply replaced 4 Minutes left with Starts in 4 min using the abbreviated "min" that would only add 1 character to the overall total length.

    In considering both options, I think I prefer the second as you would still see the start time but also be given the countdown, as it were, so that you wouldn't have to then glance at the clock. It's nice to easily see that you have X minutes before the start if you need to finish something else up, grab a coffee, etc... You know exactly how much time you have without then having to look at the actual time. I think that's more helpful.

    But yeah, I don't know how tight the constraints on space are for that area and what you have to work with. In any case, I appreciate you considering it. Thanks!

    Edit: Or maybe something like Starts in 4 min @ 9am That again would only be 1 character more than what you currently have. Obviously you'd need to have space so that it could be long enough to accommodate Starts in 15 min @ 10:15am as I think that would likely be the maximum length the text would need to be in order to accommodate a full time output and double digits in the Starts in portion.

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    Excellent feedback, i've queued this for investigation, if you come across other examples from other software let me know, maybe a screenshot, the more ideas the better i can choose the one that "fits" best :)

  • Here are a bunch of screenshots for your reference.

    Google Calendar (Windows Notification) - Google Chrome

    Google Calendar (Windows Notification Center) - Google Chrome

    Outlook - Native Notification - Microsoft Outlook 2016

    Outlook (Windows Notification Center) - Windows Calendar

    Outlook Web - Agenda Pane

    Hope that helps.

  • awesome, I think I like the last one "in 7 min"

  • me too :-)

  • edited June 12

    @Peter Good news to both of you and thanks for the input, I have implemented an international standard to represent the time left or time till for events using https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/JavaScript/Reference/Global_Objects/Intl/RelativeTimeFormat

    So in english you should see ie. "in 5 min."

    it's available in v27.1

  • super, thanks! i haven't noticed yet but will keep an eye out (I'm 27.1.2)

  • Ok, now I see the change - step in the right direction but still use some more tweaking

    1. Using pop-up you see but font should be a bit bigger
    2. Using Chrome notifi, which I switched too you don't see and if it could be added that would be ideal

    SS attached

    Thanks again for working this.

  • @Peter Hmm I can't promise the chrome notification change because it's a bit tricky to constantly update that notification every minute (as that would be required if it said ie. in x mins)

  • understood

  • Hi Jason,

    Thanks for updating that. I did see the change take place and it is much preferred to the old wording! I have not seen any issues with its usage but if anything pops up, I'll post back and let you know.

    Thanks again!

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