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Can't add an account

When I try to add an account a pop-up window opens where I have to sign in and give permission. After that is only text "Redirecting to extension..." and nothing else happens. I can detect account if I'm logged in, but forgets it later.


  • Can you try updating your Firefox version, it seems you are on a very old v68.0, but the latest version is 75.

  • I don't use Firefox, but Waterfox Current.

  • ok try again, this time you should see a url that you can try clicking if it doesn't redirect automatically.

  • edited April 26

    After clicking on it it's reloading again to the list with accounts to choose.

  • Can I ask you to test this with Firefox stable, so I can see if it's a user account issue, extension issue or browser issue.

  • edited April 26

    I've tried my account on Firefox portable (v75) and it worked. There it opened in new tab instead of a popup window. In Waterfox it opens in a popup window along with an empty new tab.

    (Edit: new empty tab and opening in tab instead of window is caused by an add-on that automatically merges windows. Disabling this add-on didn't help though).

  • Sorry I won't be able to spend more time debugging this particular browser issue with redirects, but maybe you have other extensions interfering that you can also try disabling.

  • edited April 26

    I already tried to test it with any other add-on that could interfere disabled and it didn't change anything.

  • It could be helpful if you allowed to export settings (particulary about added accounts) to the file instead of sync. Then maybe I could just imported it here and it would work?

  • I just copied the link from the window and pasted it in the new tab and then it worked. Thanks for the help.

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