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since couple weeks now I can't login or I get kicked out after few seconds.

I've two Gmail addresses, one is private and the other is Business account (with a non-gmail domain). Prior I could login and GMail took the account instantly, but if I try to add my business account (add other login) I get kicked out from Chrome Browser and all emails, after restart of Chrome I'm logged in only on Business.

I need both emails, so I thought I should use the Chrome Sign in, or the Login in the extension. But both fails due Javascript Console log:

www.googleapis.com/oauth2/v4/token:1 Failed to load resource: net::ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT

common.js:2346 fetch error: TypeError: Failed to fetch

fetchWrapper @ common.js:2346

common.js:2812 error in oauthFetch: Network problem

oauthFetch @ common.js:2812

common.js:215 unhandledrejection Network problem

(anonymous) @ common.js:215

oauth2callback.js:27 Uncaught (in promise) Network problem

I checked if I have a problem with my Internet connection and used another internet provider, both are the same.




  • Thanks for the details, as you guessed the timeout error usually relates to internet connection (or rare but could be Google servers)

    Can I ask when you say kicked out, do you mean your sign in to the Gmail within the browser or within the context of only the extension?

  • I sign in with the browser and let the extension pick up the connection.

  • yes I understand that part, and when you get "kicked out" do you get signed out of your browser or just the extension stops picking up the connection to your account?

  • I get signed out of both (extension and browser) but not from my business account.

    1.) I sign in browser

    2.) I open Gmail and it ask for my Browser login password

    3.) After opening email I add another account

    4.) After max. 5 minuten I get login notification in privat email tab "Request error" and if I hit "OK" I'm out. My Icon in browser is red and ask me to login.

    While still in business email account I can all my stuff, but gmail extension doesn't pick that account anymore.

  • If you disable the extension does the issue still occur? (account getting signed out of browser after 5min)

  • Yes...

    I made some more analyses about the "token" request which is from www.googleapis.com. If I ping them I get request timed out, so I thought I should maybe check other connections and there is also timed out.

    I switch now to a another IP from googleapis.com in hopes to have a better result. But I think it's not your awesome extension fault.

  • Problem Solved!

    It's indeed all the local DNS provider map table.

    Prior www.googleapis.com had the IP

    When I switch to (Via Hosts file).

    All works again!

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