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Send Link ends up in an infinite loop

Hi Jason,

First off many thanks for your extensions they greatly add to Chrome, I've been using the checkers since they first came out and cannot live without them!

I have a problem with the Send Link feature this happens 50% of the time. I will click on the Checker Plus extension icon, click the three dots and hit Email Page Link.

A new message window opens and either it works, or I end up in an infinite loop of the new message window constantly refreshing itself. This has been going on for about two years now. I was hoping it was a bug that would be squashed, but it might be a unique situation caused by a combination of add ons.

Any ideas, or any logs I can send to help?

Kindest Regards,

Matt - matt@mjprice.net


  • 2 years! woaw don't be so shy to write some feedback earlier, sometimes the faster I'm aware of them the easier I can determine it's cause. Since I haven't had any other reports of this, I'll assume another extension might be interfering, try disabling them all. Also try clearing cache and signing out and back in to your Google account.

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