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Sender Picture in notification

I cannot seem to make this option work.

After activating it, I cannot follow the route to grant access in each account.

¿Where is this Popup Window < Email Account Menu?


  • edited April 19
  • Nevermind! I managed to find it. It's not so clear that the popup window refers to the one that appears after clicking the Extension button.

    But now, after activating it, only part of the senders appear with a picture. Why does this happen?

  • edited April 19

    You mean only some senders have pictures in the popup window? For regular contacts the image should show up immediately, for new contacts or infrequent ones sometimes there is a delay of a day or such.

  • I will do some testing and will come back, for now it only shows the picture of some of them. Thought it would also show the image of some notification senders (Google, eBay, Amazon, etc) but it seems that they do not have a preset image.

    Another and last question: This option is not available anymore?


  • edited April 19

    Good observation, yeah I recently removed this feature because of the extra permissions created much slower review times for pushing my updates and fixes.

    ps. my trick for these senders, like Google etc is to add a contact for the email and add a custom picture.

  • Thanks, Jason! Quick question, I just saw, that for example your Forum sends emails, and the email address doesnt have a picture, nevertheless it takes the picture from the first picture shown in your mail.

    Why in this case it behaves differently?


  • lol, that's because I hard coded my picture in the extension notification whenever you get an email from my forum :)

    It's merely a coincidence that I also display my picture in the content of the email, but I can see how you thought that the deprecated feature was doing this.

  • AAAH! Now I just got it. Ok.

    It was a strange behaviour but well explained, thanks a lot Jason ;)

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