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Obfuscate - Please Add

Like your gmail extension, drive extension and others. I've purchased your Explain and Send Screenshots. I think you've done a great job. One thing that I think is missing, but severely needed by me and at a minimum extremely useful in and of it itself, is an obfuscate feature.

Examples: https://www.techsmith.com/blog/5-ways-use-blur-tool-screen-captures/


  • P.S. Note, I'm aware of your Erase / Blur feature, but a tool to block entire sections (make circles, rectangles, etc.) is what I need. Not just a mouse eraser which is not practical when trying to blur many lines in a section. Especially with my unsteady hands :)

    Thanks you!

  • That's an excellent suggestion, I did find it unprofessional when trying to blur free hand. Using shapes instead would be great, thanks, i'll queue it for development.

  • Good news v10 has the blur by shape or free hand!

  • Hey there Jason. Yep i got the update a couple of days ago and saw it in the notes. As usual, you're on it :) Looks good and thanks!

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