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Error on delete mail


I'm getting a constant error when a new mail arrives or if i delete a new mail at startup or in general

mailaction error Error: "Not Found"

I'm adding the logfile if it helps


  • So it would seem that the email being actioned in this case was deleted or archived just before, hence the Not Found warning.

  • Only it wasn't and i keep getting these on every new mail

  • Did you disable email conversations in your Gmail?

    Try referring to this https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Emails_not_being_deleted_or_marked_as_read

  • I have multiple accounts set up with gmail checker (manually) and i've never changed the default in gmail much or lately so it's all still the same.

    Apart from using FF 75 not much has changed before that, that error was still there in ver 74 but i don't remember it on 73 so it's only been a couple of months i think.

    And it's not like actions aren't working or anything like that, it all seems fine apart from these annoying pop up's there is noting wrong, but like i said those are triggered automatically when i launch FF since it checks for new mail on startup and that triggers the last action error...

  • ok so just so i understand the steps,

    everytime you get a new email (or only on startup?) and try to do an action on it you get this error (or no action is taken?)

    i'm just trying to replicate the issue on my end.

  • I've been experminting, as far as i could see it happens as follows:

    After starting firefox any new mail i got in any inbox, if i try to delete it, i get the error.

    But any new mail after that seems safe.

    i should also mention that i'm saving the session in firefox so every time i start it, it loads all the previous tabs etc.

  • So I justed it and realized that I assumed you were deleting the email from the notification, however, Firefox does not yet support notification buttons. So my assumption was wrong, can you tell me how you are deleting the email?

  • I'm pressing the extension button, then for every account there are buttons on each mail item, i'm just pressing the delete button on each mail.

  • Does it make a difference if after the restart you wait a little bit before deleting an email?

    Also does it matter which email you delete? the first or further down the list? does the issue happen in every case?

  • No difference, happens on any mail and any action not just delete

  • I haven't been able to replicate the issue. Have you tried reinstalling the extension?

    If you do that I'm curious if the issue happens with the default auto-detect.

  • Not yet i didn't.

    Can i export\import my accounts or does that bypass the test?

  • Yeah for the purpose of the test i would not restore the settings.

    Although that brings another point, perhaps some of the customizations in the extension might be the culprit, but anyways let's start with the fresh reinstall of the extension.

  • I Have the same problem "error messages" when trying to delete an email directly from checker plus

  • Hi,

    Just wanted to update, i've reinstalled the extension and the strange errors dissappeared

    Thank you!

  • One more update, i think the problem happens once i set the max logged in accounts number, but not sure since it's on and off.

  • So reinstalling worked, until you decided to changed setting in the Admin options?

  • Still works, i didn't change anything, but i did notice that if i had a max number of my accounts logged in then the issue appeared again, i now use less with no issues.

    Could be a bug related to the auto detect mechanisem if number of accounts is greater than X.

    Could be nothing, just thought it's a good idea to report back.

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