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New sounds for extensions!

Hi there!

So I'm not sure if I should post this here but I'm never too good with forums and such, so here goes nothing!

SO. I know you can upload custom sounds to the extensions. (At least the gmail checker is the only one I am sure about since its the only one I ever get notifications from). However, I was bored, especially now with the whole situation, so I thought I'd make some custom sounds and share them here!

When you check this there might not be a whole lot yet, especially if you check this like 5 mins after I post this. (Why would you check it so soon? I'm not that important XD)

I'm just adding more as I make more. Trying to make many different ones so everyone should be able to find something special for them!

It will take time, and I hate deadlines so I'm never gonna say when something might be done, but it's a fun little project.

Also, Mr. Green Programmer, if you want to add any of these in your extensions feel free to do so! I don't have any licensing on these (I don't even know how that works lol) so you're safe!

If anyone has any questions or suggestions for some sounds feel free to ask! I will not promise I'll make every single sound that is requested (I still have my own life, sorry) but I'll try my best to check here often and see which requests I can fulfill!

I obviously can not fulfill every request, I can't make everything, but I'll try my best!

Hope you enjoy whatever is in there for now!

*You can check the sounds here, on Dropbox. You can preview every single sounds before you download it and I try to give them names that give you some idea of what to expect. So feel free to look around and download whichever you like!*

(seriously hope I can put this link there cuz this post is gonna look so stupid if there's no URL to be found XD


A person


  • Those are pretty cool. I might add some, however, I need to be sure they are made by you and taken from online, as well, I've been using .ogg sound format for all sounds files for copyright reasons. Also the length of some of them are a bit long in time, it's normal they have some quieting off at the end, but the first one was rather long. Sorry for all the picky points, but I have to ensure it works well for all my users if they choose to use them.

  • Fair points.

    I know the piano one is rather long and needs to be shortened which I shall do soon. I'll also replace them as .ogg files. Is there any specific bitrate for the files you prefer?

    As for knowing if I made them myself, I quite frankly don't really know how to prove that. I'm an amateur music producer, I'm still trying a lot of things out. My YT is REVERSEDSKIES in case you want to check it out but that's all I can really say.

  • good questions, so i would reduce the bitrate so that sounds files are around 20k like the others, here are the ones used in the extension: https://jasonsavard.com/sounds/

    as for proof of ownership, i guess a link to your stuff will be good enough, thanks and sorry again for being so demanding.

  • No worries! I fully understand why.

    I'l drop the bitrate to match the current file sizes.

    And here's a link to my current works. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCojmLvn81yafqqzHK1mAXgg?view_as=subscriber

    Now then, I shall go back to making more :3

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