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Pop-up content moves outside the clickable area

Pop-up content moves outside the clickable area after quickly reopening next email after marking as archived.

Happens close to 100% of the time, video of the issue: https://i.fiery.me/aedac.mp4


  • edited April 9

    Thanks for the video.

    Can you try updating your browser to latest version 81.

    Are you using any Chrome flags?

  • Updated and restarted, didn't use flags but I went there and set it to defaults anyways and restarted again. Still happens but maybe less often?

    I think It only happens when there is a load on the browser or the system. I was able to make it happen more often by opening a link in background.



  • ok let's try someone, I've created test skin called "Effect - Disable transitions"

    Can you try it let me know if that helps, if you can't access the themes and skins also let me know and i'll unlock them for you.

  • Yeah, that seems to have helped by eliminating the cause :)

    Still, I prefer this to the sliding animation which annoyed me. If it happens again I will let you know.

  • Welp, it happened again even with the transitions off

  • is it happening at the same frequency?

  • Nope, extremely rare but it does happen. Just wanted to let you know that it still happens even with transiitions off.

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