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Ctrl + click behavior for "Open in new tab" changed


Recently (past couple days), the behavior for the "Open in new tab" button has changed. Previously, I would hold ctrl and press this button to open the email in a new tab in the background so I can quickly go through my emails. This feature was incredibly useful to me. Now, when I ctrl + click the button, it switches my active tab to the email, also sometimes using the same new tab I had previously created. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!


  • Can you send me a screenshot of this button before you click it just for some context.

  • Can you try reinstalling the extension, because I just tested it and it did open a new window, this might been fixed in the very latest version, let me know.

  • Perhaps I did not explain the issue well enough. It does open a new tab with Gmail but only if there is not a Gmail tab already open. If there is a gmail tab already open, it opens the email in that tab, overwriting the email already in that tab. This is not useful for me because I like opening a lot of emails all at once in all separate tabs. I would usually not be complaining if this was the expected behavior but it definitely worked previously, opening emails in several new tabs. I just reinstalled the extension btw, no change in behavior.

  • ok, I understand where we were confused, your indicating the open beside the email and not the general open Gmail at top of the window.

    I will queue this for development, thanks for the details.

  • Thanks, sorry for the confusion. Are you aware of anything that changed recently in a new version, perhaps? Could also be something in Chrome that changed, I guess.

  • It's probably me with a recent update, I'm constantly adding features and maintaining code that occasionally bugs like this occur, it's the nature of the development cycle.

  • Good news this has been integrated into v22.1 you should already have the automatic update or very soon.

  • Yeah, it works now. Thanks so much for fixing it!

  • Can you make it open in new tab with mouse's middle button? (like it is with ctrl+click)

  • edited June 7

    @Martin Tsekov Ok thanks, it seems this mouse middle click is always causing me trouble, I'll push another update with a fix for this.

  • @Martin Tsekov Good news v22.7.1 was fixed to support middle click again. You can force the update with this https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Extension_Updates

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