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Default tool activation

OK. I must be missing something but how do I activate any of the cursor pointers? Nothing seems to work. Thanks.


  • Which cursor pointers ... can you send me a screenshot, if you can.

    Have you tried reinstalling the extension?

  • Thanks Jason. So in OPTIONS there's an option to select the DEFAULT TOOL. That's what I'm talking about. That said, is there a way to use all the selections while RECORDING VIDEO as when you're EDITING A SCREENSHOT? :)

  • So there are certain features including the ability to change the default tool that are part of the extra features, available upon any contribution.

    As for editing videos, I think i'll leave it to dedicated video software.

  • I've already contributed... :)

  • edited March 2020

    Probably under harveyzuckerman@gmail.com. Contributed back in December and January.

  • Are any of the options grayed out, what happens when you try selecting a different default tool?

  • So now we've come full circle. When I click on one of the tools nothing changes. That said, after I click on a tool how do I access it to appear in the video? Like do I hold something down at the same time clicking the mouse?

  • So the editing tools in 2nd part of your screenshot are to be clicked on for editing screenshots, the default tool in the options will only decide what is the selected tool that occurs immediately after taking the initial screenshot.

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