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Minor display issue

edited March 25 in Checker Plus for Gmail
  • Click icon and see a message in mailbox. Archive, mark as read or delete.
  • Another message is waiting but not yet shown. Press refresh. Message shows for a second but popup closes and have to click icon again to see it.
  • Popup shouldn't close.


  • edited March 25

    So I'm guessing you had only one message that actioned and then the popup usually closes automatically within seconds, but you quickly click the refresh before to see a new email arrive, is this correct ?

  • Ah, yes, I didn't notice it was about to close on its own if I didn't do anything. Yes, I hit Refresh just after clearing the last message. I sometimes get emails quickly and often refresh to see them after clearing the last message, so it happens quite a bit. It would be great if the close could be canceled if refresh, options, etc are clicked.

  • DWDW
    edited March 25

    It would probably be easiest to cancel closing if any click at all is registered in the popup before the close timeout. That or put an option to disable the automatic closure. I didn't even notice it did that - I always closed it manually. Thanks for considering this. :)

  • ok thanks, great suggestion, i'll queue this for development.

  • Good news this has been integrated into v22.1 you should already have the automatic update or very soon.

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