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Daylight Savings Time


This was raised before under https://jasonsavard.com/forum/discussion/5582/family-calendar-event-timezone-incorrect.

We are approaching DST in the UK and I can see regular appointments which are at the same time every week in GCal showing as an hour earlier in Checker Plus after Saturday 28th March.

Can we have DST taken into account please?



  • It's the strangest thing with these timezones and daylight saving, they seem to get resolved on their own - and I can say this after years of maintaining this calendar extension. I would be curious if something can trigger a quick resolution, such as refreshing or restarting the computer or reinstalling the extension, if you can do such tests let me know. Also try to open the Google Calendar website and see if there's a message at top about a day light savings change.

  • Hi Jason - I've refreshed, restarted, re-installed and so on - no luck. Google Calendar shows the right times and the extension doesn't. I think these issues get resolved on their own once the date ticks over into or out of DST. My guess is that when displaying times Google Calendar uses the DST status of the date the appointment is on and the extension uses the DST of today. Hope that's helpful.

  • ok good hint, i'll open a ticket for this one thanks.

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