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A weird issue with Google Calendar in conjunction with Checker Plus

Hi Jason!

First off - thanks for your amazing extension! It's awesome. Especially I love the simplicity of adding a new event on the fly. Great job!

But there appears really strange issue for me which I still can't figure out how to fix:

  • So, I receive an email with an invitation to a Google Calendar event (from different people)
  • I click "Yes" on it
  • I'm being redirected to the Google Calendar website, and this strange thing appears at the bottom of the screen:
  • So, I don't see this event which I approved I will attend to in my Google Calendar, BUT the funny thing is that it appears in the Checker Plus Extension :)

I've already checked all the possible settings in the very Google Calendar that may cause something like this but no success so far.

And this issue somehow started to occur after I've installed the Checker Plus extension.

Do you have anything on your mind that could be a cause of this and how to troubleshoot it?

Thank you!


  • So event does not exist in your Google Calendar webpage, and only in the extension?

  • Exactly.

    For instance - March 26th, 4 PM in the extension:

    And the same in Google Cal:

  • Hmm is it possible that calendar is not selected to be visible in your Google Calendar webpage settings (on the left side)

  • No sir. It's always active and visible. It's my main calendar with everything anyway.

  • ok so just so I understand the process, when you click "yes" to the invite, which context are you in the extension or the website?

    although i'm also really puzzled, does that event never end up showing in your google calendar - even after refreshing the webpage?

  • In this case I was referring to clicking "yes" to the invite in the email I've received.

    That's the weird thing, yeah - it never ended up showing in my Google Calendar. Spooky stuff...

  • So in theory this would be a Google Calendar bug?

  • In theory - yes, however, I was thinking you may be faced with the same issue earlier.

    So Jason, what would you recommend to do in this case?

    BTW the Calendar app on iPhone synced the events properly.

  • Try signing out and back into your google calendar website, clearing cookies etc.

    also trying googling around for the error or issue.

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