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getting repeated notifications for some events, including many in the past

This is a tricky bug to describe because it is inconsistent. Sometimes the extension works fine. Sometimes it will throw up mutiple notifications for a single event. Every so often, it will generate an endless series of repeating notifications for all events in the last two days - very distracting!

I've already tried reinstalling the extension. What should I try next?


  • edited about three weeks ago

    Are you possibly changing timezones? or the clock on your computer?

    Are you setting different reminder times for certain events?

  • I'm not messing with the computer clock.

    "Are you setting different reminder times for certain events?"

    I assume you meant, am I setting different reminder timezones for certain events?

    Answer to that question is, not intentionally. But I am in California and I work with folks in NY and HI, and when I get meeting invites that they scheduled, the meeting is sometime (? always?) in their timezone, with the hour shifted to match my time zone (e.g. the meeting will be 4PM EST rather than 1PM PST)

  • ok good info, i'm curious if you can narrow down the events that are causing issues to perhaps such things as timezone related meeting invites. Intermittent issues are always difficult to debug unless I can repeat them.

  • I'll see if I can identify a pattern around timezones.

    At first guess, I think those meetings (the ones set by people in other timezones) may in fact be the culprits. I think that's the pattern but not totally sure that it is consistent.

  • At this point, I have observed this to occur with both invitations from my time zone and invitations from other time zones.

    However, there are differences in presentation. Sometimes, it will just be the same meeting popping up 2-3 times before I am able to dismiss it. Minorly annoying but no big deal.

    Occasionally however, I'll get a half dozen or more meetings all of which come back repeatedly, sometimes half a dozen times in series. This is much more annoying.

    I can't say for sure if there is any correlation between these different patterns and the timezone question. I'll keep observing and see if a pattern becomes clear.

    That said, as far as I can tell at this point, it's simply an issue of the meeting not being "acknowledged" even though I clicked on the X.

  • edited about a week ago

    Oh wait you flagged something interesting in your last sentence "meeting not being "acknowledged" even though I clicked on the X"

    Are you using the default reminder window or the rich notifications?

    Because if you click the X to close the reminder window it will reappear in 5 minutes, to acknowledge an event you must click the checkmark.

  • I'm using Rich Notifications. I have it set to click the X "dismisses events" so I assumed that was enough.

    The checkmark does not appear in the rich notification window. Only appears in the popup window.

  • ok, can I have you switch to the reminder window for testing, the issue maybe be related to the rich notifications, so let's try through process of elimination.

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