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New app suggestion - Google drive folder hierarchy in Firefox bookmark toolbar

Hi Jason,

I would love to have an app that enabled me to navigate through my Google Drive folder hierarchy via my bookmarks toolbar (or bookmarks menu). I make a lot of use out of google drive, and I can't believe such an app doesn't exist, directly from Google. Any time you open a folder, you have to wait while that folder opens, making navigating N levels down an unnecessarily time-consuming process. It seems this info could be scanned and cached periodically in Firefox itself, leading to super rapid response and usability.




  • Thanks for the suggestion, I'll queue this for development. I presume you are using my drive extension already? and you just don't like having to click a folder and waiting for the sub folders to open vs using the little arrows in the left nav to navigate the folder structure.

  • Hi Jason, sorry for the slow response here. Yes, I use your drive extension now. I would like to have the folder/file hierarchy built out so there is no delay. I think it would be a very powerful enhancement. I do think that there's an opportunity for an entirely new app that syncs the full google drive hierarchy to Firefox's bookmarks as well.

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