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Suggestion for Gmail Checker pop-up

Hi Jason - I think it would be helpful to have one blank line between each notification on the desktop pop-up. i.e. If there are 3 emails being reported, each would be separated by a blank line. It would make them easier to read at glance. Thanks for a great app!


  • Thanks for the suggestion, space is limited, but i'll see what I can do, i'll queue this for investigation.

  • Good news this has been integrated into v22.1 you should already have the automatic update or very soon.

  • Thumbs up!

  • it would be great if you could change it so that it sign out of my profile every five minutes, I have been forced to delete this app because it lagged up my computer and was a annoying because I had to go into settings every time I used it.

    There are some things that you could improve on but other than that this is a great app :-)

  • @Cohen Nyvoll Have you tried changing the polling interval in the Options .. General. Also if the app signed you out it would not be able to sign you back in without your intervention - for security reason the app does not see or save your credentials.

  • I tried changing the polling interval in settings it works for a while but after at least an hour it shuts down. I misworded what I said earlier I meant to say that it signs me out in the app, I have to sign myself in though! Thanks for the quick feedback via email and the comments on this website but it seems that the extension does not work on my computer,.I will try on a different device in the future but for now I will stay with opening gmail on my own. Thank you for your support and I look forward to talking to you in the future. :-)

  • You have the notification for new EMail pop up at the bottom right of the screen which is great, but I'd love the ability to have the window that opens up when you click on it show up in the same place. Having it open in the middle of the screen, at least for me, is not convenient. Thanks for the great work!

    The screenshot is of the window I was referring to in the bottom right hand corner of my screen.

  • @Chad Wilson ps i'm going to close this thread now as it's too general and i don't want to spam or the original thread maker.

This discussion has been closed.
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