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Can't get voice notifications to work

I tried all the options in the FAQ but still can't get the voice to read out the message. I can hear the ding, but nothing after that. What do I need to do to get this working. It was working fine until about a couple of weeks ago.


  • Did you refer to this https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Voice_Notifications#Voice_issues

    and does the test button work in the extension options .. voice notifiations

  • I got it to work, I disabled both my Ad Blocker Google extension and my McAfee Real time protection and it worked. Then I re-enabled them and its still working. Don't know which one was blocking it and why after re-enabling it still works. I shouldn't have done both of them at the same time so I can tell which one was blocking it, but I just glad it's working.

    Sorry to bother you. I should have figured that out myself.

  • I'm having the same trouble. I wish I could contact Jason. I get the notifications (The pop-ups) but no voice.

  • There are allegedly several comments about this but I can't see them.

    I just got am email saying that "Jason commented on No Voice". I clicked on "View discussion" and got a blank screen.

  • edited March 9

    My checker plus has not done anything because it is always gray

  • Just FYI, it quit again and I know it's n not my Ad Blocker or my McAfee because it worked fine for years with it on. After playing around with it for half a day, I changed the voice from Microsoft David to another Microsoft voice and it worked. Now here is the funny thing. when I changed it back David it was still working. I don't know why but maybe you do.

  • @John G. Brown Jr. Ok when or if you notice the issue again, try sending me the error logs https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Error_logs

    Another suggestion would be to try the native voice and see if that one causes issues.

  • FYI I was a Computer Programmer Analysis for years so I know a few things about computer programming.

    Well it happened again, so I look at the logs and it was having problems with Google Authentication. So I uninstalled the extension and reinstall and set login through the Chrome browser and everything has been working fine since. Should have just read your FAQ more closely.

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