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crashing after turning on chromebook

It seems every single time I turn on my Asus C302c chromebook, then open my chrome os browser, I receive a message that the extension is not opening properly. What seems to work is if I right click on the extension. Then toggle it off, then back on. Then all is fine.


  • Have you tried reinstalling the extension?

    Are you using the default options?

  • I am using the default options. I will try reinstalling it. Thanks

  • Hi Jason,

    I reinstalled. Turned off my CB. Turned it back on. All seems fine now.

    THanks a bunch!

    Love this!

  • Hi Jasan,

    The extension is still crashing when I first turn on my Asus C302c CB and open Chrome Browser.

    I am on the latest chrome os.

    The only thing that seems to work is toggling the extension on then off. But thats just a bandaid.

    I have tried reinstalling and that does not work. Its only a bandaid for a little while..

    Thank you,


  • Oh and I am not in dev mode.

  • Which extension version are you on? the latest is v22.0.2.4 you might have to reinstall to force that version.

    Because I've pushed several small updates to try resoling this issue.

    let me know.

  • ok, I just uninstalled the older version and installed the new one. we shall see... thank you Jason!

  • i just "restarted" my chromebook. All seems fine!

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