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"Show context menu item on right click" doesn't activate when loading options

When I click "load options," the app was showing in the context menu. To deactivate it, I have to go to settings and then check and uncheck "Show context menu item on right click"


  • Hmm I wasn't able to reproduce this issue, so you mean when you click the Options .. Admin .. Load Options? and then it asked to restart.

    It's possible that option was not synced initially to your account. I put some logic so that it waits for a few options changes and period of 1 minute before storing the sync data.

  • All the other settings loaded and that option was unchecked. However, the calendar app was still appearing in the context menu. Had to check and uncheck that button for it to disappear.

  • ah ok, so the option did sync, it's the just the menu still showed, i'll keep a watch for it, but my test did work for both conditions.

  • I am still getting the error. I did the sync and the menu still showed. I have to check and uncheck it for it to disappear.

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