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keyboard shortcut for right click and create event of highlighted text

Hi Jason, your extension is absolutely the best in the entire store. Thank you. I usually use it to highlight the text on the web or what I have written that has the event, date and time, and then right click Checkplus menu and select "Quick add..". It works flawlessly. I was just wondering is there anyway I can do this with a keyboard shortcut?


  • ok good suggestion, i'll add them to the keyboard shortcuts in the next update https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Create_keyboard_shortcuts_for_Chrome_extensions

  • Good news, this has been added in v27.0

  • Hi Jason, wanted to follow up on this request. I still don't see this particular shortcut. What am I overlooking here?

  • Yup, it's there, just the shortcut key of your choice for the "Quick Add" option.

  • I saw that. And that is indeed helpful. Thank you for that. I was expecting it to also self/auto-open the event to add time and/or location. Do you see it would be worthwhile adding that somehow? I think it would be a nice improvement.

    So the desired action would be:

    1. Highlight the text
    2. Press shortcut key for Quick Add
    3. The event pops up open with ability to add time and/or location.

  • Hmm then that wouldn't be a "quick" add anymore :)

    The option is usually meant to actually highlight a time and title, in other words if you highlight the words in an article like "hockey game tomorrow at 3pm" then the time is automatically saved.

  • I hear ya. I didn't know that it had the ability to parse out time too. I will try it.

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