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Duplicate emails when adding accounts manually

This is a report based on the comment in https://jasonsavard.com/forum/discussion/comment/24093/#Comment_24093

The problem doesn't always happen. I would say around 20% of the time. I have tried clicking the refresh button multiple times but that didn't fix it. The only thing that seems to fix it was restarting Chrome.

Jason mentioned if I was using conversation view which I assumed is the default view of all emails. The problem happens when reading a single email, or showing all emails.

I had two accounts manually added and both showed this problem.


  • edited February 21

    So both accounts have duplicate emails at the same time? and they were unrelated emails between accounts?

    If you can send me a screenshot next time, i'll investigate further.

    But I understand you reverted to the auto-detect for now.

  • Yes both accounts had duplicate emails and they weren't the same emails, totally unrelated emails.

    I'll try to switch to manually adding just so I can do the screenshot. It might take some time since this doesn't happen always.

  • ok thanks, as well can you tell me which labels you are monitoring in the accounts/labels options.

  • I have no labels beside "Inbox" on both accounts

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