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The notification does't pop up

After update my macOS system, the sound effect still works when new mail comes in. But it wont pop up a slidebar on the right corner of the screen.

I try to remove the Checker and install again. But it didn't work.

Thanks for your help!


  • Is this the reason? (I'm not sure) How can I turn off this function?

  • The new macOS update might have prompted you to allow notifications and may have not responded or said no accidentally to it. Let's investigate...

    Try clicking the play button beside the notification in the options and see if that works...

  • Hi Jason, I clicked the button, but it seems like nothing changed. The desktop notification still can' t work? Is there other way I can try? Thanks!

  • Can you go into your Mac OS system preferences .. Notifications ..

    and see under Google Chrome if notifications are enabled?

  • Thanks! It finally shows up again! I forgot check system settings LOL

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