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Outlook.com sneaks an ad past the extension

edited about three weeks ago in Webmail Ad Blocker

I installed the addon and it works just fine to remove that right pane with the ad, but since then, I've noticed that Outlook.com will sneak in an ad on the top of the given email. See the screenshot; I circled the ad in the screenshot. I'll post the screenshot in another post below.


  • edited about three weeks ago


  • Here is a screenshot with the outlook.com ad circled in red.

  • So this is an info notice from Outlook rather than ad, and it seems you can change the setting using their instructions as I pointed to...

  • OK, yeah I see that now. the link that you pointed to was not to "unsubscribe" from those messages, but it was for me to give Outlook.com instructions on whether or not to show me a reminder. OK so it wasn't an ad, you are correct. Thanks!

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