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Check email interval and alert if unread emails?


So instead of just alerting for new emails, is it or can you add the feature to check for emails every X and alert if any are unread?

Many thanks



  • The mail icon in the toolbar when there are unread emails it turns red - does that suffice as an indicator?

  • Hello Jason,

    It does not. We need to alert staff desk members via beep / notification at intervals until it is read as then they know they have something that needs action as this particular email account is for actions on a specific computer.

    Many thanks


  • so i just reviewed my options and noticed there is a "repeat notification" option - it's set for every 1 minute to wiggle the mail icon and play the sound notification as long as you have unread emails.

  • This is great! Where is the notification interval set? Can't seem to find it.

  • @Joseph Hills it's been hard coded for 1 minute intervals, but I accept suggestions to customize this option for future updates. What's your interval of choice?

  • Thanks - we would have to experiment with it a little bit - but I would say probably 15 seconds, 30 seconds max.

  • Hmm I was expecting larger numbers, as future updates to my extensions will require them to unload from memory when not in use to save resources, but that would be difficult with such short intervals.

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