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Can I set up a separate sound notification for different Contacts, similar to ones for labels?


  • How do I create a separate sound notification for a contact, in the same manner as done for labels?

  • Same way just create a filter for emails from that contact and apply a label for them ie. JasonLabel then monitor that label and assign a sound to it.

  • Jason---If I understand this, do I go into Contacts>Tick Box Next To Contact Name>Manage Labels>Create Label? Will it then appear as a label under your Settings>Sound Notifications?

    Thank you...Jeff

  • Jason: I apologize for being so dense, but where exactly in the Gmail app do I go to access this box?

    Thank you again...Jeff

  • This screenshot is from the Gmail website, that's where you create filters and labels for your contacts. My extension will automatically detect these labels.

  • Ok got it! Many thanks.... Jeff

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