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No automatic line break/word wrap available?

Hey there,

I saw that the app is not automatically doing line breaks even when there's plenty of space left?

Kinda like in excel where it just keeps going in one line till the end. Problem is that if the line is too long it will just exceed the field and be invisible as long as you don't hover it. Am I missing sth.?


  • That's correct, it should be the same behaviour as in the Google Calendar webpage, but at least I offer the hover over feature. If you have a suggestion, let me know, but space is limited in the popup calendar window.

  • Thanks for the fast reply. I was wondering why you don't use the space that is below in my screenshot? Like there is plenty of space left to use. :)

  • edited about a month ago

    Yeah I noticed in the weeks view it does wrap, but not in the month view (just like Google Calendar) I presume if we did wrap, it might look like 2 separate events. I'll take note of this, but you might have to rely on the hover for now.

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