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Slight UX improvement idea

Hi Jason, LOVE Gmail Checker Plus!!! :heart-eyes:

This is the first non-intuitive UX I've encountered so far: the popout link opens a full-page new window instead of a popup.

I thought I'd found a bug! Checked your FAQ and saw that I have to hold Ctrl to get an actual popout.

I'm curious about your reason, as it seems backwards to me. I think "Popout" should link to the popout function by default, while holding Ctrl* provides the alternate option.

P.S. *Shouldn't that be Alt? Or maybe even Alt+Shift, since Alt+Shift+click in Chrome opens a link in a new tab and then switches to it?


  • Hmm interesting so your suggesting to have perhaps 2 menu items?

    Popout (new tab) and Popup (small window), I don't even know which is more popular or which I should prioritize. got any more input on the subject.

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